Locarno's To Go


About us

Welcome to Locarno's To Go. We are happy to have you!

Craig and I were born and raised here in East Barre and have always had a love for food. Craig is the Chef and is the creative mind behind these delicious meals. I have always enjoyed baking and making sweet items. Together we have brought our talents together and made this business grow.
For those who have just joined us, we make a weekly to-go meal that is posted on Monday Evenings and picked up on Sundays. Our meals consist of protein, starch, vegetables, and dinner rolls. Our product is purchased from local vendors as much as possible. We started this last year as a trial run with some friends and now many of you have been able to enjoy a homecooked meal without having to prepare it.
We currently only offer this one day a week because we still have full-time jobs and are still building this business. We love and appreciate all feedback and try to make accommodation the best we can. We do offer GF Meals and are slowly looking to expand this business. We also have a drop-off catering business where we specialize in creating a customized menu for your event.
Please reach out with any questions/thoughts and we will be happy to answer.